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About the Project
Niagara Street is a signature gateway and a vital connector for traffic exiting Interstate 190 heading downtown in the direction of City Hall.  The current condition of the corridor’s pavement, curb, signage, signaling and striping is poor and in much need of repair.

The Niagara Street Reconstruction Project hopes to accomplish the following objectives:

  • Improve overall vehicular safety and operational conditions;
  • Improve overall safety and mobility for pedestrians and bicyclists;
  • Correct identified pavement deficiencies and return the pavement to
    good condition; and
  • Enhance the corridor aesthetically to better identify it as a major gateway to the City of Buffalo Central Business District.

To accomplish these objectives, reconstruction of Niagara Street will include a two-way center left turn lane, bicycle lanes in each direction, parking lane on the east side only and auxiliary turn lanes at signalized intersections where needed.  Other improvements will include:

  • Replacing select sections of curb and sidewalk;
  • Replacing traffic signal and lighting infrastructures;
  • Landscaping amenities and traffic calming measures; and
  • Providing enhanced green space.

The Project has been divided into two phases, each of which is described below.

Phase 1 – Elmwood to Virginia

Phase 1 of the Niagara Street Reconstruction Project stretches from Virginia Street at the north to South Elmwood Avenue and City Hall at the south.  In total, Phase 1 will result in the reconstruction of approximately 2,500 feet of Niagara Street.  Also included in this phase is a short segment of West Mohawk Street between South Elmwood Avenue and Niagara Street, a distance of approximately 130 feet.  Approximately 700 feet of existing sanitary sewer will be replaced from Virginia St south to Carolina St.

Major Work Completed:

  • Waterline/Hydrants/Valve Reconstruction
  • Replacement of the compromised sanitary sewer between Virginia St and
    Carolina St including building laterals.
  • Drainage structures, hydrant relocations, new curbing, green infrastructure aggregates constructed at the Mohawk Triangle.
  • Sidewalk construction and curb ramps.
  • Traffic signals and luminaires have been constructed.
  • Site amenities (benches, bike racks, etc.)
  • Roadway milling, paving, and striping including bicycle lanes.

Schedule of Work:

  • Phase 1 construction has been completed.
  • Landscape plantings will be complete in fall 2017.

Note:  NFTA Bus Stop & Shelter has been relocated to the Mohawk Triangle.


Phase 2 – Virginia to Porter

Phase 2 of the Niagara Street Reconstruction Project stretches from Porter Avenue at the north to Virginia Street at the south – abutting the current construction in the Phase 1 project.  In total, Phases 1 and 2 encompasses approximately 6,000 feet of Niagara Street. 

Work anticipated is:     

  • Wednesday (11/8): bed prep and weed removal of shrub beds
  • Thursday (11/9): shrub plantings
  • Friday (11/10): 20 trees installed 
  • Monday thru Friday (11/13-11/17): balance of trees/shrubs and sod installed


Please refer all questions to:

John Bidell
Associate Engineer

City Hall, Room 515
65 Niagara Square Buffalo, NY 14202

e: jbidell@city-buffalo.com
p: (716) 851-5625


Public Meetings

No meetings are scheduled.



Niagara Street (Phase I) Gateway Project:
Construction is anticipated to be completed by the end of 2016 construction season.

Niagara Street Phase II Project:
Construction is anticipated to run through the 2016 construction season into the 2017 construction season.

Event Schedule to be announced soon, please check back.

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